The Klangoo Fintech Challenge

On the 23rd of June, Zaka and Klangoo partnered to launch the Klangoo Fintech Challenge.
This challenge offered the chance for bright and talented minds to come together to build Fintech solutions and solve different fintech problems around the world using Klangoo’s NLP API to
17 teams, with 50 participants from 7 countries were accepted.
To better understand the challenge requirements and how to benefit from Klangoo’s API adequately, the participants attended an AMA session with Klangoo’s CEO, Eddy Touma, on the 23rd of June, 2022.
Finally, 7 teams went through the finals to conclude the challenge with 3 winners.
The Klangoo Fintech Challenge had the following stages:
  1. Kickoff and Orientation (June 23rd 2022)
  2. Phase 1: Video submission deadline (August 1, 2022)
  3. Phase 2: Announcement of the top 7 finalists (August 4, 2022)
  4. Final Project presentation and award ceremony (August 5, 2022)
7 teams pitched in the final ceremony and three winners were announced by our four judges:
  • Eddy Touma (CEO at Klangoo)
  • Christophe Zoghbi (CEO at Zaka)
  • Dean Sivara (Vice President at SAP)
  • Jad El Boustany (Managing Director at MEVP
The winning teams are:
  • First place, winning $5000: FAST: Financial Assistant for Stock Trading (Silvana Yakhni and Hadi Yakhni) from Lebanon, who worked on using Fintech to improve the readiness of Monetary Policies issued by Central Banks by implementing different text mining techniques to facilitate understanding and using the regulations suggested in these documents.
  • Second place winning an access to Klangoo API credits and Educational AI courses form Zaka: A-cubed (Samantha Mavunga, David Quarshie and Ngoh Rodney Amah) from Ghana, who worked on building a system that is able to effectively categorize customer feedback.
  • Third place winning an Educational AI course form Zaka: Tech Brothers (Rachad Lakkis and Hussein Hazimeh) from Lebanon who’s idea was using Klangoo to detect negative or positive opinion in certain stocks.
Thank you to everyone who participated and to the judges, we congratulate all the participating teams on their efforts and resilience.
Stay tuned for more challenges and prizes in the future!