ZAKA Takes the Spotlight at La French Tech Beirut GRAND PRIX 2024: A Celebration of AI Innovation and Community Development

In the heart of Lebanon, nestled amidst the charming Residence des Pins, a remarkable celebration took place a few days ago. La French Tech Beirut community, an integral part of the global La French Tech network, came together to honor the best of entrepreneurship and innovation. The event was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Mr. Hervé Magro, the Ambassador of France in Lebanon.

The highlight of the evening was the prestigious La French Tech Beirut GRAND PRIX 2024 award ceremony. This year, the spotlight was on ZAKA, a pioneering AI company that has been tirelessly working to develop and nurture the AI community in Lebanon

ZAKA’s co-founders, Christophe Zoghbi, and Larissa Abi Nakhle were invited to the event, unaware that they were about to become the stars of the night. To their surprise, ZAKA had won the La French Tech Beirut GRAND PRIX 2024 award!

The Importance of Recognition: More Than Just an Award

The award is a symbol of recognition, not just a trophy. It signifies the immense contribution ZAKA has made to the AI community in Lebanon. Christophe, visibly moved by the honor, took the stage to deliver a heartfelt speech. He expressed his gratitude and emphasized the importance of the award to ZAKA and our mission.

The celebration was a testament to ZAKA’s relentless dedication to driving AI innovation and community initiatives in Lebanon. It was a night of joy, pride, and connections, marking a significant milestone in ZAKA’s journey.

Looking Ahead: Inspiration and Commitment

As we look to the horizon, our spirits are uplifted by this achievement, and our resolve to shape the future of AI in Lebanon is strengthened. With each milestone, our commitment to innovation and community development grows even more profound. Let us raise a toast to the celebration of more breakthroughs, more groundbreaking ideas, and more impactful contributions to the global AI community. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible and create a brighter future for all 🚀

Stay tuned for more updates on ZAKA’s journey and the exciting developments in the AI community in Lebanon and beyond!

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“I am very proud of our team for being recognized at La French Tech Beirut Grand Prix 2024. This shows our hard work in AI and our dedication to building a strong community. We are excited to keep pushing boundaries and making a positive impact with AI in the MENA region. We can’t wait to reach more people and see more companies incorporating AI into their solutions.”

Larissa Abi Nakhle