Achieve Your Potential

Zaka is here to drive a positive, impactful market transition in the MENA region.

Our Mission

Zaka is on a journey to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the MENA region and globally through sharing knowledge, building solutions, and connecting people! We are a remote, community-driven Artificial Intelligence company designed to be an inclusive guide for organizations and individuals into AI. We strongly believe in the power of AI and in enabling communities and businesses to find the perfect fit for their needs.

Our Vision

Zaka is here to drive a positive, impactful market transition in the MENA region. We see a future where all members of society are relevant market players, and Zaka will help prepare communities for revolutionary shifts in market practices that we could not imagine today. We are here to help guide you, your communities, and your organizations to create the transformation of tomorrow, together.

Why Zaka

Gain access to the right AI education and training for your industry through an expert network of educators
Understand your business status, plan a strategy for potential AI adoption, and build full AI solutions
Grow and diversify your team through outsourcing AI-Skilled individuals because you deserve a solution that is permanent
is here to guide your success!

Meet Our Team

Christophe Zoghbi

Co-Founder & CEO
Leader, Mentor, Perseverant!

Larissa Abi Nakhle

Co-Founder & Marketing Lead
Energetic, Adventurous, Sociable!

Fouad Trad

Education Lead & AI Instructor
Ambitious, Determined, Adventurous!

Amanda Hachem

AI Instructor
Persistent, Organized, Reliable!

Laurene Abdallah

Customer Success Manager
Ambitious, Reliable, Helpful!

Nour Salam

Digital Marketer
Patient, Easygoing, Caring!

Mohamad Omar Jabr

Web Developer
Dedicated, Passionate, Creative!

Karl Nader

Business Development
Honest, Supportive, Versatile!