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Zaka's Corporate AI Training: Empowering Your Business Through AI

Develop a future-proof workforce with Zaka’s comprehensive and customizable AI training programs.


At Zaka, we believe in the transformative power of AI. Our mission is to equip businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to stay ahead in the digital age. With our expert instructors, innovative learning approach, and state-of-the-art AI tools, we bring top-notch AI education to your doorstep.


Our diverse range of training programs cater to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Whether you’re a tech start-up looking to build in-house AI capabilities or a large corporation seeking to upskill your workforce, Zaka has a program that fits your needs.

AI Bootcamp

25 hours
The AI Bootcamp provides participants with the necessary basic knowledge and hands-on skills needed to get started in AI. Each module of the bootcamp will build on introducing participants to a new branch of AI such that they leave the bootcamp with a wide set of capabilities. The topics covered include: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Time-serie Analysis.

AI for Everyone

12 hours
This is a non-technical course designed to provide participants with the necessary basic knowledge needed to understand the different Artificial Intelligence fields and their applications in different industries. This is an all backgrounds, all levels friendly course with no prior knowledge needed to start in AI.

ChatGPT Mastery

6 hours
Enhance your corporate communication and productivity skills with our ChatGPT Mastery program. This masterclass is tailored to empower professionals from various industries to leverage conversational AI technology effectively. Guided by our seasoned AI expert, participants will explore practical applications of ChatGPT, ethical implications, and potential future developments, all while improving their personal productivity and communication skills.

Executive Training

15 hours
This course is for senior managers and executives who are intrigued by Artificial Intelligence and would like to leverage this powerful technology to transform their business. In five simple modules, participants will build a deep understanding of the AI field and explore how this technology is revolutionizing the business world today.

Industry Certifications

In addition to equipping your team with practical AI skills, our training programs also offer the opportunity to earn prestigious industry certifications. These certifications, such as those from Microsoft and CertNexus, are globally recognized and can significantly boost the credibility of your team’s expertise.

Microsoft Certifications

Azure AI Fundamentals

Mastering the basics in AI can help you jump-start your career and get ready to dive deeper into the other technical opportunities Azure offers.

Azure Data Fundamentals

To master data in the cloud, you need the right foundation—a solid understanding of core data concepts, such as relational data, nonrelational data, big data, and analytics.

Azure Fundamentals

Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned professional, mastering the basics in Microsoft Azure can help you jump-start your career and prepare you to dive deeper into the many technical opportunities Azure offers.

CertNexus Certifications

AIBIZ offers business professionals with an understanding of AI concepts, fundamentals of AI implementations, and the impact of AI including business use cases.
DSBIZ offers business professionals with the necessary knowledge to help make decisions and drive organizational data strategies.
Certification designed for data practitioners desiring to get equipped with vendor-neutral, cross-industry knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and skills.
Vendor-neutral, high-stakes certification designed for programmers, data professionals and analysts seeking to validate and showcase their knowledge and skills in the area of Data Science.

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Training Customization

At Zaka, we understand that every business is unique. We work closely with you to understand your training needs and customize our programs accordingly, ensuring that your team gets the most out of their learning experience.

Customized Advanced Training

Looking for something more tailored to your business? We offer customized advanced training programs designed specifically to meet your company’s unique needs. From identifying the key AI skills your team needs to creating a detailed training plan, we work with you every step of the way to ensure the program perfectly aligns with your objectives.

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