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The Zaka Partner Network facilitates talent and employer matching. All partners get access to a complete package for AI recruitment, training, and employer branding, plus the option of unlocking even richer benefits.
The Network continues to grow to include innovative startups, regional leaders in their respective sectors, and multinationals operating in very competitive markets.
Zaka Partners have a common understanding that qualified talent is the primary factor defining a company’s ability to harness AI’s disruptive force.


Find Market-Ready AI Talent
Get early access to trained AI talent by attending our biannual career fairs. Our instructors can help you find the right candidate fit by providing personalized candidate recommendations and insights.
Solve Your AI Challenges
Propose your AI challenges as capstone projects and have our students work on solutions. With Zaka Career Fair participation, you become eligible for our partner pricing on consultancy services.
Engage MENA AI Community
Host MENA-Wide workshops & Hackathons and showcase the strength of your tech talent by featuring in content-rich webinars.
Empower Your Teams With AI
Up-skill your employees with our tailored-to-industry AI training programs focusing on your organization’s current challenges and benefit from favorable partner rates.

Partner Testimonials

“The team at Zaka are a perfect combination of personable, easy-going , but diligent and professional.They took the time to understand our hiring needs, and shared a highly relevant set of candidates which quickly led to onboarding our very first AI engineer! I look forward to working with Zaka team in the future.”

Masoud Al Rawahi
CEO | PhazeRo

“Our hiring experience with Zaka has been impeccably smooth and valuable. What we appreciate the most is the extremely efficient and fast process that helps create opportunities for both the youth and companies. It has been a great journey so far, thank you!”

Razan Halawi
People & Culture Lead | Oreyeon