Privacy Policy

Zaka AI. Inc commits to respect your confidentiality and protect your information. We have created our Privacy Policy to govern the conduct of Zaka Website and explain the collection, use and disclose of Users’ personal information.
The Present Privacy Policy are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The present Terms apply to both Zaka and the Users including the employees, representatives or other individuals acting on behalf of one of the Parties and should be read in conjunction with Zaka’s Terms and Conditions.
We reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time. If Zaka changes the Privacy Policy, we’ll provide notice by posting the new Privacy Policy here and changing the date.

1. User’s Consent:

User allows us to use data in accordance with the present Privacy Policy and in compliance with General Data Protection Laws and Regulations (“GDPR”).
No personal information shall be retained for any purpose except to the extent necessary for the maintenance, improvement and development of our services.
Users’ personal information shall be protected through reasonable security safeguards.

2. Collection of Information

2.1 Collection of Personal Information

  1. While using Zaka services, the User is requested to provide information that may be personal such as his name, his contact detail, his date of birth, etc.
  2. When the User signs up, fills in any forms, opens an account, speaks with a member of our customer support team (either on the phone or through the Website) or contacts us for any other reason, or attends an event, we may collect your personal information.
  3. Zaka collects as well all communications with the Users. This may include live chatting or messages. These data are kept for a limited period of time that is solely determined by Zaka.
  4. All data are collected via manual and automatic means.
  5. The User is offered the option to refuse that his information be used by Zaka. He can opt-out of this collection and utilization by notifying us through email: info@zaka.ai

2.2 Collection of Non-Personal Information

Zaka retains the right to automatically collect information from your computer or mobile and data such as language settings, IP address, device settings, device OS, time of usage, operating system, browsing history, user Booking ID, etc.
The data includes the below:
  • Cookies: please do not disable Cookies so that we can personalize the content that you see on our Website. Disabling them will prevent you from accessing the functionalities.
  • Location: we may need to determine your current location to provide you with adequate information and display the appropriate advertisements.
  • Log In: IP address of your Computer, information related to your visit to our Website or App, Websites you visit before and after your visit ours.
We process all this data for the sole objective of improving and personalizing our service.

2.3 Collection from other Sources

  1. Zaka may request information relating to you from other sources such as courts or other public authorities.
  2. Zaka may be contacted as well by tax authorities for investigation purposes or fraud detection. It is the legitimate right of Zaka to provide the requested Information to the public authorities.

2.4 Storage Period

Zaka shall keep the data stored on the servers for an indefinite period of time. Users can contact us to request the deletion of their information before the end of the aforementioned period on the following email address: info@zaka.ai

3. Use of Information

Zaka will use the information provided by the Users for limited purposes and Users can opt-out to limit the sharing of the information.

3.1 Internal Use of Information

  1. We will use your information such as email to send you newsletter, now products, discounts, security alerts, reminder emails, notifications or to answer your queries. However, you can opt to unsubscribe from any of our email-threads at any time.
  2. We may use your personal information for internal analytics to improve and customize the Website. We may as well assign such tasks to third parties. Please note that you can uncheck the use of cookies at any time but this may affect the results of your research. The results of the research may be disclosed to our partners.
  3. We may use your personal data to provide customer services.
  4. Your personal data may be used to provide, improve or develop Zaka’s platform and or personalize your experience, determine your business needs and offer the most suitable products.
  5. Your data may be used for security purposes, or to detect and prevent fraud or similar infringements.
  6. We may use your personal data as well for legal reasons in case of legal disputes or complaints, or in order to answer official requests addressed to us by the legal authorities when required by the law. According to the above, Zaka shall do its best to ensure the safeguard of the Users’ rights and freedoms.
  7. Use of personal data will make it easier for you to access our website and to communicate with other customers.

3.2 Sharing Information

  1. Zaka may share necessary information with its partners or third parties in order to provide better quality services. Third parties shall be bound by confidentiality as per GDPR for European citizens. In no case, information shall be sold, rented or licensed for business purposes.
  2. Zaka may be legally required to disclose your personal information. Such cases may include without limitation: subpoena request, law, legal process, government enforcement policies, investigations, legal actions or claims from third parties, flight or hotel search, etc.
  3. We may share your personal data with:
    • Affiliated companies for operational.
    • Potential buyers of its business, and to its professional advisers (such as lawyers, accountants, auditors, IT consultants, management consultants).
    • Other third-party organizations if required to by law.
  4. Zaka may be required to transfer personal data. Such transfer shall be made in compliance with the European Law and will respect the same level of data protection.

3.3 Activity Monitoring

Zaka system monitors the activity of the Users to assess the overall engagement of the customers and report any abnormal activity and stop spam Users from harming the Platform.
We conduct constant evaluation of automatic data including IP Address and history to detect unidentified spammers and fake bot.

4. Relation with Zaka’ Partners

While surfing on Zaka we may redirect you to other websites or ask you to open links that are ruled by our Partners and over which we do not have control.
Our Partners may have their own privacy policies and you shall access such links at your own risk so please check their privacy policies before you undertake any action.

5. Protection and Security

Zaka strives to use reasonable means and takes practical measures to secure the protection of the Users’ data, however, no transmission over electronic and web network can be totally and absolutely secure.
Therefore, Zaka cannot guarantee a 100% safeguard against steal, hack, abuse or loss of the stored Data and it is as well the responsibility of the User to choose which information he is ready to share.

5.1 Data Violation

We will report any data privacy breach or steal of its database and shall notify the Users and the concerned authorities within a period of 5 days as of the detection of said violation.

5.2 Children’s Protection

Users that are below eighteen (18) years old are not allowed to use Zaka.
In case it appears that, by accident, Zaka collected information related to a minor, the parent may request us to erase them and decline any previous request made by the minor.

6. Updates and Compliance

  1. The processing of the above-mentioned data is necessary for the execution of the Terms and Conditions between Zaka and Users. In case the requested Information are not provided, we may not be able to offer our services to you. If you wish to object to the processing of your data, please liaise with us via: info@zaka.ai
  2. We reserve the right to modify the Present Privacy Policy at any time due to the constant change of the Business market. User engages to review this Privacy Policy from time to time as well as the Last Update date. The changes we bring shall be effective as of this Last Updated date. In case of important material changes that will have an impact on Users, Zaka shall notify you prior to the effective date.
  3. User should ensure the accuracy of your information and inform us about any change.

7. Complaints and Request

  1. In case of inquiries or complaints related to the data protection and/or information processing, Users may contact us via info@zaka.ai We will attempt to resolve the issue within the shortest delays and in accordance with our policies.
  2. The User may request a copy of his personal data that is recorded. He may as well ask to erase some information, restrict the use or object and Zaka may accept depending on each case.
  3. Regarding the information obtained following to the User’s approval, the User may refuse to give his consent or withdraw it any time if permitted by the law.