A new AI Specialization at Zaka!

What do you know about Data Engineering?
The Artificial Intelligence field is always developing especially in the MENA region. With this development, comes a variety of new tools, methods, trends and even jobs.
The Zaka team is always on the lookout for these developments and trends to make sure it serves its mission of democratizing AI in the region. That’s why, we’ve added Data Engineering as a new specialization to our Artificial Intelligence Certification Program which will be starting its Spring 2023 cohort in mid-January 2023.
So, what’s a Data Engineer? And why should you become one?
A Data Engineer’s primary job is to prepare data for analytical or operational uses. They are typically responsible for building data pipelines to bring together information from different source systems.
Data Engineers often work as part of an analytics team alongside Data Scientists. The engineers provide data in usable formats to the data scientists who run queries and algorithms against the information for predictive analytics, machine learning and data mining applications. (source)
The demand for Data Engineers has been increasing around the world, including the MENA region with companies having large amounts of Data that need processing. This high demand is fueling a shortage for such a talent that is still considered scarce in our region.
Now that you know what a Data Engineer is and why this role is highly needed, you may be wondering what does it take to become one? And how would the process look like? Is it easy? Is it hard? What shall I know about it?
Don’t worry! We got you covered. We are thrilled to finally announce the new Data Engineering Specialization as part of the AI Certification program which is specifically designed to give you the ultimate, shortest and cheapest path to reach the goal of becoming a Data Engineer. Our team is dedicated to prepare and support you to have the strongest entry into the Data Engineering field in only 16 weeks!
This specialization has been designed alongside industry and academia experts with the full-stack skills you need to become the perfect fit for today’s Data Engineering market.
The topics covered are:
  • Introduction to Data Engineering
  • Programming skills for Data Engineers
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Data Pipelines: Extract, Transform, & Load
  • Data Warehousing & Pipeline Automation
  • Big data: Hadoop & Spark ecosystem
  • Big Data Streaming and Automation
  • Data Warehouses in Hadoop ecosystem
  • Data Engineering on Cloud
Tools covered:
Throughout this program, you’ll get the chance to engage in activities and instructor-led sessions that will prepare you for the soft-skills needed in today’s engineering roles. You will discover how to effectively communicate ideas, mindmap, manage projects, design human-centered solutions, build skills such as leadership, communication, networking, public speaking, presentation and more.
In summary, what does the Data Engineering Specialization offer you?
  • 10 Weeks of technical training: 100+ hours of learning
  • Capstone project with round-the-clock advising
  • 3 Weeks of focused one-on-one mentoring for projects
  • 2 Weeks of Career Development training
  • Weekly office hours and tech support
  • Exclusive access to our Career Fair: meet recruiters, present your projects, share CVs, get connected!
What are you waiting for? Build the toolkit you need to enter the Data Engineering market and take your career to the next level!
Check out the Artificial Intelligence Certification website to learn more about this program and start your application process now to check if you’re eligible for the program.
Psst…. Different financing options are available too!