Unleashing AI Potential: The ZAKA-VALDI Partnership Revolutionizes Learning

As the demand for AI expertise surges across the MENA region, ZAKA, a prominent AI education platform in the Middle East, and VALDI, a leading Los Angeles-based cloud provider for AI computation, have initiated a strategic partnership to advance AI skill sets and awareness in the MENA region.

Key Initiatives in the ZAKA-VALDI AI Partnership

ZAKA and VALDI are unveiling a series of initiatives that promise to not only advance AI skill sets but also foster a collaborative ecosystem for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • GPU Access for AI Model Training and Inference:
    • VALDI will provide ZAKA with access to high-performance GPUs for AI model training and inference, enhancing the platform’s capabilities.
  • Utilization of VALDI Servers in ZAKA Cohorts:
    • ZAKA will integrate VALDI servers into its cohorts, exposing participants to top-tier, professional-grade servers to prepare them for successful AI careers.
  • Development of Onboarding Guides for GPUs:
    • VALDI will create comprehensive guides for onboarding open-source models on GPUs, offering ZAKA’s community practical, hands-on experience in real-life AI applications.
  • Support for AI Startup Launch:
    • Collaboratively identifying and supporting entrepreneurs and researchers in the MENA region, ZAKA and VALDI will provide skill sets, guidance, and cloud computing resources to help launch AI startups.
  • Joint Workshops on Broad AI Concepts:
    • ZAKA and VALDI will conduct workshops together, covering a spectrum of AI concepts to deepen understanding and proficiency among participants.
  • Hackathons Across the MENA Region:
    • Hosting hackathons in the MENA region, ZAKA and VALDI aim to foster innovation and collaboration while providing a platform for practical application of AI skills.
  • Making cloud and AI accessible to All:
    • VALDI will work with ZAKA to donate cloud credits as part of grants to student groups in the MENA region so they can learn AI skills from ZAKA.

Incentivizing Learning with VALDI

Amidst the exhilarating partnership between ZAKA and VALDI, there’s an additional incentive for AI enthusiasts eager to embark on their learning journey. VALDI is extending a warm invitation to the community, offering a treat to all aspiring learners. By applying the exclusive promo code “ZAKA” or by signing up by clicking this link, individuals gain access to a $15 GPU credit and an enticing 10% discount on all of VALDI’s offerings. This not only makes high-performance GPUs and cutting-edge AI resources more accessible but also adds an extra layer of encouragement for those diving into the realm of artificial intelligence.

What sets this initiative apart is VALDI’s commitment to giving back to the ZAKA community. With every purchase made using the “ZAKA” promo code, VALDI is contributing to the growth and development of the AI education ecosystem.

It’s a symbiotic relationship, where learners are not just recipients of knowledge but active contributors to the collaborative spirit that ZAKA and VALDI aim to foster in the MENA region.

Together, let’s continue to learn, innovate, and build a future where the limitless potential of AI is harnessed by a thriving community in the MENA region. The ZAKA-VALDI partnership is more than a collaboration; it’s an invitation to be part of a transformative journey in the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

Let’s shape the future of AI together!