Best AI movies you need to watch today!

Here is a list of the must-watch movies About Artificial Intelligence
In the 21st century, movies serve as a main source of entertainment for the majority of the people. Considering the fast-paced world we live in, there is no surprise that people prefer watching a 90-minute movie over reading a 300-page book, which essentially contains the same amount of information.
What if I would say that those 90 minutes can be not only entertaining but also crucial for the beginning of your career in Artificial Intelligence.
That’s why we found the best movies that include Artificial Intelligence. Without further ado, here is our list:
“Ex Machina” (2014)
This movie follows a young programmer who is invited to administer the Turing test to a beautiful and advanced humanoid robot.
“Her” (2013):
This movie is set in a future where a man falls in love with an advanced AI operating system.
“Transcendence” (2014):
In this movie, a group of radical environmentalists attempt to upload the consciousness of their leader into a computer in order to prevent his death.
“The Matrix” (1999):
In this movie, humans live in a simulated reality created by sentient machines to distract them while their bodies’ heat is used as an energy source.
“I, Robot” (2004):
This movie is set in a future where robots are a common sight, and follows a detective who investigates a crime committed by a robot.
“Blade Runner” (1982):
This movie is set in a future where genetically engineered robots called replicants are used for dangerous and menial work.
“A.I. Artificial Intelligence” (2001):
This movie follows a child-sized android who is programmed to love and is left to navigate a world that does not understand him.
“RoboCop” (1987):
In this movie, a severely injured police officer is turned into a powerful cyborg to fight crime in a crime-ridden Detroit.
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