Artificial Intelligence is changing our Christmas experience 🎅

As we all probably know, AI is not a separate field or industry, but a set of tools and developments that can be implemented everywhere and anytime. And Christmas time is not an exception!
Other than the usual AI support chatbots used to enhance your shopping experience, there are many cool AI applications during Christmas Time. So here are some ways AI is making your Christmas better.

Interactive Virtual Santa

Santa can now visit homes virtually to ask kids what they’d like to receive for Christmas.
The AI-driven conversational tool “ASK SANTA”, created as a complementary service for a digital dynamic holiday venue (, allows kids to interact with Santa from the comfort of their homes. You can check out the whole Christmas inspired virtual venue and its offers here.

Gift Idea Generator

Another way that AI is being used to add some cheer to the holiday season is a special gift idea generator for those who are always confused about what to buy their loved ones. Giftgen, a gift idea generator that recommends gifts for you based on your budget, the person’s age, personality and gender. Finding the perfect gift is no problem anymore!

Generate your own Christmas Song from Holiday Images

Is it even Christmas without songs? Toronto University has created an AI system that uses Computer Vision, to generate Christmas songs based on pictures. All you’ve got to do is to upload a picture (your Christmas tree, decorations, snow,…) and it will generate a song for you and even sing it!

AI Art Shop

AI Art also has a presence during Christmas. AI Art shop has a special Christmas section where you can buy a Christmas canvas created by AI artists to put on your card or decorate your house. Each artwork is only sold once, so as the buyer, you have a unique piece of AI art that is yours to use as you choose!
These are just some of many ways AI is affecting our lives this holiday season and making it more enjoyable for people around the world.
Try them out and make this holiday season one to remember!
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Happy Holidays!