Artificial Intelligence in Health Primer

ZAKA and HEALTECH, invite you to join them for a 1-day Artificial Intelligence in Health Primer training that delves into the dynamic integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the Healthcare Ecosystem.

About the Training

The Artificial Intelligence in Health Primer training day is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector. Our expert speakers will delve into various aspects of AI applications, its impact on healthcare operations, and the ethical considerations that arise with its implementation. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, interactive sessions, and hands-on demonstrations of AI tools in a healthcare setting.

Key Benefits

  • Develop a basic understanding of artificial intelligence
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the applications and implications of AI in healthcare
  • Explore the latest advancements and trends in AI-driven healthcare technologies
  • Learn about the ethical and legal considerations associated with AI implementation in the healthcare industry
  • Network with professionals and experts in the field, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships
  • Acquire practical knowledge and insights to drive innovation and improvements in your healthcare practice or research

Who Should Attend?

Healthcare professionals

Interested in the application of AI in their practice

Technology enthusiasts

Exploring AI’s role in the healthcare sector

Researchers and educators

Focusing on the intersection of AI and healthcare

Students and aspiring professionals

Seeking insights into AI-driven healthcare advancements



Christophe Zoghbi

Co-Founder & CEO, ZAKA AI, Inc.

Dr. Elie D. Al-Chaer

Co-Founder and CEO, HEALTECH, Inc.

Amanda Hachem

Education Lead, ZAKA AI, Inc.

Hussain Ismaeel, MD, FESC

Chairman of Medical Services Aman Hospital, Doha-Qatar




About the Organizers


ZAKA AI is a consulting and training company dedicated to democratizing the use of artificial intelligence in the MENA region and beyond by sharing knowledge, building solutions, and fostering connections through providing a platform for tech and AI talent. Zaka’s regional community of AI Enthusiasts and Learners is ever growing with thousands across 10+ countries who have participated in or undertaken AI upskilling and development programs.  Zaka is also found at the forefront of emerging AI technologies in sectors including Legal, Media, Healthcare, Finance and others, striving to make AI accessible to startups, companies, and individuals, organizing gatherings and technical workshops that empower the community to understand and implement AI solutions.


HEALTECH is an Artificial Intelligence in Health company founded by clinicians, healthcare industry experts, researchers, university professors, lawyers, and AI specialists. Driven by the goal of revolutionizing healthcare through the power of data, Healtech’s primary focus is on delivering innovative solutions that empower clients to thrive in the digital age. Healtech believes that AI has the potential to significantly optimize healthcare delivery processes, improve patient outcomes, enhance operational efficiency, and drive growth for healthcare providers and related businesses. It also understands the challenges faced by healthcare organizations in today’s rapidly evolving landscape, and provides them with cutting-edge technologies and strategies to succeed. By working closely with healthcare providers, researchers, and other industry stakeholders, Healtech aims to foster a collaborative environment that accelerates innovation and generates real-world solutions to pressing healthcare challenges.