Recap: AI HealthTalks Webinar

The AI Healthtalks webinar was a highly informative and engaging webinar that brought together experts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare. The focus of the webinar was to discuss the potential of AI in transforming the healthcare ecosystem and improving patient outcomes. The webinar also marked the launch of a new course titled “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Primer” aimed at providing practical education on the implementation of AI in healthcare.

The distinguished panel of speakers encompassed experts from various backgrounds of AI in healthcare. Dr. Imad El Hajj, a revered professor at the Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering, commenced the discussions by delivering a comprehensive introduction to AI in healthcare. He emphasized its profound impact and clarified on the imminent opportunities it presents in the short term.

Mr. Christophe Zoghbi, CEO and co-founder of ZAKA, talked about the pivotal role of Large Language Models (LLMs) in augmenting patient care and streamlining administrative tasks within the healthcare sector. His discussion delved into the transformative potential of these models in enhancing operational efficiency.

Dr. Hussain Ismaeel, the chairman of the Medical Service Man Hospital and advisor of Healtech, provided a profound exploration of AI and machine learning’s potential in the medical arena. His insights encompassed diverse aspects, including research applications, process optimization, and predictive behavioral analysis.

Dr. Elie Al-Chaer, CEO of Healtech contributed a crucial perspective on the ethical considerations closely connected with AI in healthcare. His discussion shed light on the imperative need to safeguard users against malicious activities while also addressing concerns related to liability and accountability for AI-induced harms.

Finally we introduced the Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Primer course which intends to provide hands-on learning experiences for effectively integrating AI in healthcare, equipping healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage AI for improved patient care and outcomes.

Overall, the AI Healthtalks webinar and the launch of the new course were successful, bringing together experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts to delve into the possibilities and challenges of AI in healthcare. 

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