Fintech Challenge

Online challenge | $5000 Prize

Welcome to Klangoo Fintech Challenge, the chance for bright and talented minds to come together to build Fintech solutions for the community.

The Klangoo Fintech Challenge is a global challenge for university students, working professionals and startups that have innovative ideas in the areas of cryptocurrency, blockchain, trading, investing, personal finance, big data, retail banking, regulatory compliance, mobile payments and related fields.
The goal of this challenge is to use Klangoo’s NLP API to solve different fintech problems around the world. You will be challenged to put Fintech to good use to build innovative and impactful solutions in any financial sector. This challenge is open to everyone with business and technical background with no prior prerequisites.

How can Artificial Intelligence be used in FinTech solutions?

Application Requirement

Attendees are responsible for brainstorming FinTech-related ideas using Klangoo’s NLP API and finding a team to work with during the Challenge.

Who Can join?

Working professionals, students, and startup teams making use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in a certain Fintech application.


Attendees can participate in teams of 2 to 4 participants and teams must be formed prior to the challenge. 


Participants can have DIVERSE background & expertise in: Machine Learning, Software Development, Business, Marketing, or any knowledge in the domain problem you are trying to solve. Technical team members are a must.

Do not have a team?
Don’t worry we have got you covered! Join the slack ideation channel and find a talented team🚀

Challenge Timeline

June 23

Challenge Announcement & Orientation Session

July 7

Registration deadline

August 1

Challenge Submission Deadline

August 5

Final Project Presentation & Awards Ceremony

About Klangoo

Klangoo is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) company at heart providing Natural Language Processing (NLP) services to a multitude of domains.
Klangoo’s rule-based NLP service analyses content to identify the “aboutness” or context. Klangoo’s technology allows developers to build their own solutions using its public REST API. It doesn’t require any training or regular model recalculation as is the case with other technologies that fully depend on Machine Learning (ML) models.
Klangoo’s API is domain-independent, supports more than 100 languages, and is already used on billions of pages worldwide.

Developers will be able to build their AI solutions using Klangoo’s API.
Some of its most popular features include:

Identify over 40 different high-level entity types and thousands of sub-types, including people, organizations, events, brands, and more. Using patented algorithms, Klangoo scores each identified Entity based on its representation in the content.

Klangoo automatically categorizes your input text into one or more category and provides a score for each of the identified relevant ones based on the context identified.

Once entity extraction, categorization, and key topic identification are done, Klangoo automatically summarizes your input text using extractive and smoothening algorithms.

With Semantic search, or full-text search, Klangoo does not only find the searched Keyphrase/Paragraph but also determines the contextual meaning of the Keyphrase/paragraph that people use for better accuracy.

This feature helps protect a brand’s reputation by using tagging each content based on IAB’s Sensitive Content categories and many more.

Automatically identify the key topics (disambiguated phrases and score) within your input text using the getkey topics method. Topics are the key elements used in Semantic Full-Text Search (matching content), automated summarization, categorization, and theme building amongst other features.


1st Prize: Winners will receive $5000

2nd  and 3rd Prize: TBD


You need to form a team of 2 to 4 members with diverse backgrounds, choose any Fintech sector you want to build for, and create an idea for the problem you would like to solve while using the Klangoo API. Seats are limited so priority will be given to teams with clear and impactful ideas.

We have got you covered! We created a Slack channel where you can discuss with other interested members to form teams and ideate. Join our Slack workspace and enter the #klangoo_ideation channel to build your team today! If you face any difficulties, send us an email with your interest in participating, and we will assist you.

Participation in the challenge is FREE of charge.

You will build an innovative solution that could potentially help improve the Fintech sector! You will get a chance to interact with Klangoo team, build solution with Klangoo’s NLP API, share your idea with an experienced panel of judges including VCs and Executives from industry, and benefit from exciting opportunities and awards!

YES, you will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the challenge requirements!

YES, acceptance is conditioned on the team having a clear idea of what they want to solve and a potential solution proposal.