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Our AI Challenge focuses on developing innovative solutions to tackle social issues such as poverty, education, and environmental sustainability. We invite individuals with a passion for AI and a drive to make a positive impact to participate.

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Beginner Challenge:
Fraud Detection in Electricity and Gas Consumption

Detect and identify clients involved in fraudulent activities by analyzing the billing history of the Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas (STEG). Enhance revenue and reduce losses caused by fraudulent meter manipulations.

Advanced Challenge:
Vehicle License Plate Detection and Recognition

Use computer vision to detect and recognize Tunisian vehicle license plates. Developed for the AI Tunisia Hack 2019, this challenge aims to enable the detection of license plates in traffic cameras.


We are seeking talented individuals with a programming background who are skilled in solving complex problems in creative and innovative ways. If you have a passion for using your AI skills to drive positive change, we invite you to participate in our AI challenge for social good.
Join us in leveraging the power of AI to make a real difference in society



Register your interest on the form below and pick either the beginner or advanced challenge.


Expect an email on Nov 25th with the challenge link. Begin the challenge and submit your results by Dec 7th. Phase 1


The top 5 participants on the leaderboard on Dec 7th will advance to the final stage and present their projects in front of a team of judges on Dec 9th.
Phase 2

Note that the leaderboard results of Phase 1 are cumulative, and the person with the highest score will be ranked at the top. Please note that you can submit your final document multiple times before December 7th to ensure you received the highest accuracy.

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The event is taking place online this year. Upon registration, you will be receiving in due time the needed details and links.

There will be an orientation session on the first day to explain the process and the milestones in detail to ensure all participants are looped in properly. In addition, the organizing team will be easily accessible for support on the Discord Channel (you will access it during the orientation session).

Unfortunately, no. This challenge is not for business solutions ideation. It is a technical challenge where participants will actually develop AI solutions as per the topics, we are addressing in both categories beginner and advanced. Participants must have a programming background.

Of course! We will match you during Phase 1 of the challenge with other participants. If you already have a team, each team member must register individually.

Participating offers a unique and enjoyable learning experience, providing significant value to your resume. It serves as an invaluable opportunity to connect with others, collaborate on developing creative solutions for real-life problems, and benefit from the guidance of seasoned professionals in the field.